When we need to check some IP address information , do we have to open the browser, then type the googl domain and copy-paste the IP address?

In this article . I'm goinG to use python with IP GUIDE to check ipaddres information .This much better before.

Let's started

Install Python

found what version can be match your OS , download it and installl .

Install requests library
#import requests library
import requests

#get data from ip guide
response = requests.get(f'').json()

#function get_ip
def get_ip():
    return response["ip"]

#function get_location
def get_location():
    location_data = {
        "Longitude" : response["location"]["longitude"],
        "City": response["location"]["city"],
        "Country": response["location"]["country"]
    return location_data

#function get_network
def get_network():
    network_data = {
        "Cidr": response["network"]["cidr"],
        "Host Start" : response["network"]["hosts"]["start"],
        "Host end" : response["network"]["hosts"]["end"]
    return network_data

#dictionary variable
network_data = get_network()
location_data = get_location()
ipaddress = get_ip()

# output  information 
print(f"Your internet IPaddress is :{ipaddress}\n and below is this IPaddress other informations\n")

# for loop
for key,value in network_data.items():
        print(f"{key}: {value}")
print(" \n")

for key,value in location_data.items():
        print(f"{key}: {value}")
print(" \n")